Michelle Reddicliffe: Imaginative & Versatile

I've been following Michelle Reddicliffe on Facebook for a little while and what makes her stand out from many of the other artists is her versatility. Michelle studied Book Making at The University of Sheffield and it remains a strong influence in her work.

Michelle is a very accomplished illustrator and has used her imagination to draw from a variety of sources. This little fellow was drawn from an advertisement in a 1970s Women's Own Magazine; using mat not silk photo copying paper.

By Michelle Reddicliffe

I just loved seeing the memorable Milly Molly Mandy that so many of us oldies grew up with.

by Michelle Reddicliffe

I loved colouring in the map of the town inside the front cover. If you are a devotee of Milly Molly Mandy you will recognise the map of her village in this collage.

Many of Michelle Reddicliffe's images have a Touch of the Pre-Raphaelite School of Art about them. As with the Pre-Raphaelites, Michelle has an excellent feel for form supported by a delightful palette and confidence of line. Her images have an enduring charm.

As I said at the start- Michelle Reddicliffe is very versatile in her approach to the images she creates. I particularly like these images especially for the patterns of colour being embedded.

And this is one of Michelle's latest works: most impressive.

by Michelle Reddicliffe

With an excellent feel for composition and startling colour combination, this is a winner. I'm excited about seeing her next creation.

The source for all of the images shown above by Michelle Reddicliffe were taken from her Facebook page which I highly recommend you visit if you are a follower of this social media platform and interested in this type of illustration.
Here is a link to Michelle Reddicliffe on Facebook