Mail Bag: Including Aaron Chang, Jason Mecier, Jim Victor

We need to catch up on some mail that I have received. First, from Trevor in Canberra who has been travelling in Canada and the USA, an alert that I must showcase a photographer from Carmel-By-the-Sea called Aaron Chang. Trevor "chanced upon Aaron Chang's shop and was amazed by the clarity and inventiveness of his surf photography".

Aaron Chang has a block on any of his images being shown on-line but if you would like to check out some of his amazing photographs across many different subject areas ....Click Here.

We can however enjoy videos made by Aaron Chang and today I have chosen one that shows you how he took this incredible photogrpah under a pier.

And K in Sydney has got a little carried away with food as an art medium. Below is a sample of creative works by Jason Mecier who is a mosaic artist who creates portraits made of unexpected materials – namely, food. Potato chips, beans, hamburger buns, candy, cookies, noodles, and pretzels come together to portray the images of celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell, Rachel Ray, Jerry Seinfeld and Kristy Yamaguchi.

Jason Mecier (

Sculptor Jim Victor spends hours in extremely cold freezers sculpting mounds and mounds of butter into life-size figures of horses, children, and of course, cows. Butter isn’t the only food material he works with – he has created sculptures in chocolate and cheese as well as mounds of fruits and vegetables. He also works in traditional media like bronze and wood.

Jim Vctor (

If you would like to check out more Painting with Food ....Click Here.

And for Food Landscapes and more ....Click Here.