Lu Smith, Rainbow Animals

I have shown you some of the works of Scottish artist Luna Smith before and as we are looking at animals this week it is the perfect chance to show you some of the images from her Rainbow Animals series. Lu uses colour and line to recreate the spirit of the animals in a most effective and imaginative way: blending her animal subjects into their environment. First watch a video of the Rainbow Animals and then we will talk about how Lu has painted the images.

Each of the creatures painted by Lu demonstrate her expertise in using light brush strokes in contrast to strong bright colours. Lu Smith is using oil paint to achieve these images. Each creature appears to have a central characteristic highlighting one of their essential features. For example, for Lion who features in the Hero Image for the blog and first frame of Lu's video it's the eyes that capture your attention. As Lu states: The primary focus is on bright steady; confident eyes.

I love the way Lu narrates the approach she has taken to each image, giving an insight into her mind and what she aims to achieve. The Giraffe like the Lion has mesmerising eyes with big colourful eyelashes. And Lu describes the tones she has used as the bravery of colours.

Clever use of line has given Eagle an eyebrow which represents danger and determination.

For the Komodo Dragon Lu Smith has also only shown one steely eye and used bright colours and heavy strokes to represent lack of fear and confidence.


The Sea Turtle shows a much subtler touch than used for Lion. The colourful, detailed shell of the sea turtle is a reminder of hidden alive mysterious treasures which are not to take but to admire.

The softness of Swan is delightful and carries the intended message of the peaceful and gracious nature of this fantastic bird.

But as we are coming up to Easter I couldn't resist this delightful fellow.


Check out other paintings by LunaSmith, aka Lu at her LuArt Online Gallery.

A very talented and interesting artist from Edinburgh. Watch out for some more of her works.