London in the morning light reveals a treasure

We have been having a journey through the magnificent beauty of nature as brought about through the weather and also talking about needing signs to find our way. When E in London sent in these images it was the clouds that first caught my attention as they are a reminder of the beauty of the morning light especially as it tips gently across the sky.

And as we say hello to London we also say good morning to our latest subscriber in PJM of Adelaide who has joined the AnArt4Life blog community.

But then what caught my eye in these early morning scenes was the fountain which acts, not only as a chance for humans and animals to ease their thirst, but a meeting place from which to take a morning walk with a friend.

In a previous post I wrote up the history of the Readymoney Drinking Fountain shown in the photographs above. Follow the bookmark links below to learn of its history.

Drinking Fountains
when is something art and when is it not. Is a decorative, designed fashionable at the time art or is it just monumental stone masonry? Can a drinking fountain be considered art?
Drinking Fountains and More
one of the first modern fountains was opened on 21 April 1859, originally located on Holborn Hill, London, paid for by Samuel Gurney a founder of The Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association which undertook to provide free drinking water to the people of England.

Let me leave you with this thought.

In our lives we need sign posts to make our journeys just that little bit easier. Stop to think about all the different kinds of sign posts that help show you the way.

Tomorrow I am going to challenge you to look for sign posts in a painting!