Linoprints by Annie Soudain

Autumn Glow

Annie Soudain, a retired art teacher, spent her early years in Cornwall where her interest in plants was piqued by long walks with her Mother along disused railway tracks. Annie mainly focuses on linoprinting, the prints often feature the plants, birds, and landscapes from where she now lives, the easternmost corner of East Sussex.


Much of her recent work with lino employs the reduction method, where the entire design together with all the colours is built up through taking repeated impressions from a single block.  I love these pinks and purples, colours not so widely seen in artwork.

Annie stated in the annual South East Open Studios catalogue, ‘I use images in my head or in my immediate surroundings as inspiration for paintings, linoprints, and collages’.


"All her work is  very obviously a celebration of nature, and her deep enjoyment and understanding of form and pattern help us to see the natural world more clearly." Quoted from the Sussex Guild U.K.

Like many recent artists, they have commercialised their work, so we can see their prints on cups, coasters and teatowels. Today I leave you with a jigsaw puzzle that would provide hours of pleasure...or pain!

Foxgloves and Finches