Life is Art and Art is Life with Victor Maloney: Part Six

Peli Can Drive by Victor Maloney

In 2020 Victor Maloney moved to Victor Harbor which as he says, is almost like coming home - and not just because he shares his name with the place. Victor is South Australian born and spent his childhood growing up in Osborne on the LeFevre Peninsula in the west of Adelaide.

As we come to the conclusion of the series of posts on Victor's paintings please make sure you have caught up with the previous five in the series by using the search tool on the menu bar at the top of each post.

Victor's oeuvre contains many scenes from Australian folklore which he has painted predominantly in acrylic paint using a variety of painting methods which he has developed over the years which he now terms Organic 3-D Art. Victor also sometimes works in charcoal and pencil and has produced a number of murals in various locations in New South Wales and South Australia. And his best known murals must surely be the ones that grace his home town Victor Harbor where his love of pelicans is on show for all to see. If you missed the first post in the series which features a couple of murals please click here.

But it is especially through the application of anthropomorphism to pelicans that Victor really appeals to his audience. With his characteristic bold use of predomantly primary colours, repetition of patterns and the trailings of print, Victor allows the pelicans the dominate centre stage.

Why, why, is there no pelican pie..?? by Victor Maloney

And dominate they do as they strut about the image stage acting out the realife roles of famous humans and some not so famous.

The 3 Amigos A finalist in the local Rotary Art Expo 2021
Ned Peli at Stringybark Creek by Victor Maloney
Hey,Hey We're the Pelies by Victor Maloney

You cannot ignore the fact that Victor Maloney is obsessed with pelicans - and I can understand that as they are one of the most versatile and fun subjects for an artist to exploit. Their comical persona lends itself to the unbridled imagination of an artist such as Victor Maloney.

A little while back Rowdy explored the changing nature of coastlines in two posts Part One and Part Two. Featured in these posts was the Victor Harbor Causeway - both old and new. Victor's pelicans are most appreciative of the building of the new causeway!

Enjoying the New Victor Harbor Causeway by Victor Maloney

If you like the the application of anthropomorphism to please check out the work of Robert Bissell.

And it is now time to say goodbye to the wonderful world of Peli Cans and others. It is appropriate that Vincent Van Peli has the last word on behalf of Victor Maloney and his very special view of the world.

Vincent Van Peli by Victor Maloney

© Thank you to Victor Maloney who kindly gave permission for the images of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life.

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Victor is also a passionate writer with examples of his 3-D writing works available on his maloneyvictor Instagram account.

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