Leaving on a jet plane

Today is the day that I board a jet plane and fly to the UK for my holiday with family in London. I'm excited to be able to travel again after being grounded for the past two years and looking forward so much to the adventure.

The AnArt4Life blog is safe in the hands of the team and you will not miss out on your daily dose. And you will get updates from me while I'm away enjoying the wonderful art that I will be experiencing in its great variety.

Photo by Leio McLaren / Unsplash
Photo by Zain Bhatti / Unsplash
Credit: heathrow.com
Credit: the guardian.com

And please be patient while I am in transit if you are a new subscriber and there are a couple of days before you receive the AnArt4Life post into your email inbox each morning.

If you have any problems receiving the blog post during the next couple of months please email Matt Cameron our Interwebs Wizard at [email protected] who will attend to your issue.