Kelmscott Manor's influence on William Morris

From recent posts, we know that William Morris found Kelmscott Manor in The Cotswolds in 1871, and lived there until he died in 1896.

The following short video gives us an understanding of just how much Morris loved Kelmscott and the profound influence that it had on his designs.....

Kelmscott Manot, Society of Antiquaries, UK

Originally built in the 1600's, William Morris appreciated the craftmanship of centuries earlier. There is beauty at every turn, from the original brickwork and shale roof tiles, the internal timber, to the beautiful gardens which surround it.......

Credit: Chipper Videos

If you are ever in the Cotswolds, you may get a chance to expeience the ambience of Kelmscott for yourself.......

Kelmscott Manor - Society of Antiquaries of London
Kelmscott Manor – The summer home of William Morris

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