June 2022 Mailbag

Mural at Longbeach Place Inc Neighbourhood House Chelsea Victoria Photo: Anne Newman 

Opening the June 2022 Mailbag with the mural outside the Longbeach Place Neighbourhood House in Chelsea Victoria expresses so graphically what the AnArt4Life blog is all about - reaching out across the waters to share ideas and through this to learn more about each other and our cultures - especially the art that defines so much of what we believe in, have done, do and will do.

You can check out the website for Longbeach Place by Clicking Here which provides member of the community with opportunities for lifelong learning and skills development. 1

The posts on Andy Ferguson's stained glass works have been very popular and Monica's responses in the Comments Box represent the thoughts of so many.

How wonderful to see workmanship of such meticulous precision and infinite craft. And at the end, there is a production of crystal clear, pristine beauty! The skill and deft execution is a special gift for special people. I have enjoyed watching the processes, immensely! M. B. Tanzania

Monica continued:

The talent of this man is beyond the miraculous. His spirit of devotion to portraying exactly what his customer desires, is embedded in his work. His own beautiful spirit is reflected not only in his face and hands, but in the features and manifestation of his unique art! These last three days have been a tremendous inspiration, and somehow gives me hope that all ancient cultures and skills are not lost to crass, heartless modernity! M.B. Tanzania

If you missed the posts on Andy Ferguson and his stained glass works you can check them out by following the bookmark links below.

The legacy of John Ferguson’s stained glass - Part 1
Over three posts, we recount the history of a stained glass business which resulted from a friendship started in New Guinea, in World War II. It is a business that continues today, handed down to the sons of the next generation. Image: vhd.heritage.vic.gov.au
The continuing legacy of John Ferguson’s stained glass - Part 2
The stained glass legacy of John Ferguson that we recounted in Part One continues today through John’s sons Andy and Peter. Anne and Julie were lucky enough to be able to go and visit Andy Ferguson, at his workshop in Melbourne, in early April 2022. Image: Andy Ferguson©
Master Glass Craftsman: Drawer, Designer, Draftsman - Part 3
In Part 3 we conclude the inspirational visit to the studio of Andy Ferguson - master stained glass and lead light window creator. Image: Andy Ferguson©

And did you start to take notice of becoming engaged in our beautiful TagCloud? Rowdy (from Port Elliot in South Australia) did and wrote saying:

Hi Anne, Matt, John & the GAALS Team...

Congratulations and great job on developing the Blog “Tag Cloud” for subscribers and site visitors…

As an “old school” two finger typist I find this technology absolutely amazing and I’m sure subscribers will make use of this resource over the coming months…. the array of topics is “Huge”!!!

Most outstandingly… is the professionalism and high quality of the AnArt4Life Blog… It is truly marvelous and so educational for all. It’s really rewarding to see subscribers both “local” and international giving their individual comments and feed back about the topics of the daily posts….

Once again well done to all for achieving an such an amazing outcome and growing the AnArt4Life “community” and the journey of art….
All the Best Rowdy…

And then Jane and I took off for a trip up through northern Victoria and into the southwest of New South Wales where the highlight was a visit to Mungo National Park.

Stepping back in time in Mungo National Park
Come with me to Mungo National Park where humans walked 47,000 years ago. Feel their presence and let yourself slip back in time to love and respect country and culture.

From Caro in Cape Town, Africa we received this comment:

It is so good that these special places on our planet are being made into national parks and heritage sites to be preserved. I thought your photos were very atmospheric and did indeed make the area feel like a moonscape. I too loved the woolshed photo as it put me in mind of scenes from The Thorn Birds aired many years ago, which strangely had a sacred feel about it as does your photograph. What a memorable experience for you. Caro. Cape Town

Echoed and reinforced by Monica who added:

Hello Anne What an inspiring series of expertly taken photographs of that beauteous land of the precious Aboriginals. They are the oldest living indigenous culture in our world today- 60,000 years old. I weep for the treasures of history and folk lore that we have lost, because of their massively reduced numbers. With your feature , I console myself that even now, you can feel the spirituality of these "Dream Time people" in the land where they lived. Their spirit lives on. M.B. Tanzania

Rowdy, as devotees of the AnArt4Life blog will know, is one of our team and whose deep love of country is an essential feature of his works. Rowdy wrote:

The "Mungo National Park" NSW is truly an incredible landscape.... A "huge" congratulations Anne & Jane for your tremendous post... your magnificent landscape photography of the ancient terrain.... certainly captured it's sculptured texture.... & the "sunset" light & shadows are truly outstanding.. a memorable life time experience I'm sure.. My 2nd favorite photo is the timber work in the historic "Wool Shed" built by the Chinese.. Fantastic!!! Monica is "spot on".... highlighting the post /story as inspirational.... I feel so proud to be Australian & especially proud of our "First Nations People"... their culture is so precious... we can all learn so much from them.... i.e. Environmental & Governance!!! I am looking forward to visiting Mungo National Park in early June '22....
Best Wishes.... Rowdy...

Rowdy has followed in Jane and my footsteps and has recently also visited Mungo so we are all looking forward very much to seeing some of the paintings he will create to capture his experience of this grand and ancient land.

And E in London suggested a photobook on the trip Jane and I took would be a good idea and I am delighted to inform you that Jane has indeed created a photobook and so I am sure we will be seeing some more of her amazing photographs.

And have you caught up with Jane's series on Magnificent Mansions? Based on her extensive travels throughout the world you will be transported to grand places around the world.

Wendy enjoyed the first Magnificent Mansion post and said:

Thank you, Jane for a magnificent post with so much of artistic and historic interest. - a superb post. With admiration and gratitude, Wendy

With all the celebrations going on for Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee it is appropriate to reshow Jane's post on Windsor Castle.

Magnificent Mansions – Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle, the oldest royal residence in the British Isles. Beloved home to many royals including Queen Elizabeth II.

And D our Roving Reporter from Central Victoria has reported in that Andre Sardone from Mandurang is finding it satisfying making round things out of square materials. This new Pod is made from 10mm steel plate salvaged from our local steel fabrication. Cut into squares and shaped to fit.

Check out Andre's website by Clicking Here or follow him on Facebook.

This big Pod has been powder coated and got a good test in the wet weather today. I’m getting used to the different look of this one, normally my Pods have lots of holes in them so they are see through from different perspectives. There are some narrow cracks that still offer glimpses of light though. 2

The Pod by Andre Sardone up close (2)

Don't forget to send in examples of art around YOU! The blood that pulses through the AnARt4Life blog is made from all our wonderfully devoted subscribers and followers - many of whom have been with us for the nearly five years we have been sending out daily posts to share the art that is all around us.

If you would like to share your art or the art from others (don't forget to include the information for crediting the source) email me at [email protected].

Several subscribers have taken up the Margaret Olley Still Life challenge and we hope to see some of their work very soon.

1. longbeachplace.org.au
2. facebook.com/andresardoneart