July 2021 Mailbag No 2

Winter Evening by Frederick McCubbin 

We start the second mailbag for July with another Fred McCubbin acquisition (above) purchased by Rowdy Wylie. Rowdy has been out prowling around the Op Shops again and discovered the McCubbin forlorn and desperate for a home. And so Winter Evening is now in the loving hands of Rowdy Wylie who says:

Hi Anne…. Just can’t help myself…….. purchased another “op shop” painting print by Australian Landscape Artist - Frederick McCubbin….Titled: “Winter Evening Hawthorn - 1886 (Oil on Canvass H51cm x W76cm)….. the print is on board……..it needs some work to clean it up…but once done……the composition will have a happier life…😊

UK artist Michelle Redicliffe has alerted us to the work of London based artist Alex Chinneck who creates incredulous temporary outdoor sculptures as shown below.

Please follow this link to see the complete construction stories for the example Chinneck sculptures shown below by visiting Alex Chinneck.

Did you catch The Keeper of Rabbit Hole's post on Alexandra Dillon - painter of old paintbrushes, shovels, in fact anything she can find. Julie did and loved this unique artistic view and commented:

Great post Caro! It’s amazing where people can see images jumping out at them! Who would have thought! I really loved the way she says that the image reveals itself to her! Like Michaelangelo and his marble blocks, or the chalk drawings using pavement cracks! Incredible!

From Fiona M, one of our Facebook followers, a recommendation that if you use this social media platform consider joining the group Celebration of Female Artists in History.

I have just learnt about the remarkable Edith Halpert and have included an excerpt below for your attention.

Edith Halpert 3

"As an outsider—a Russian immigrant, a woman, and a Jew—for over 40 years, she was a leading authority of America’s artistic landscape and a name to remember."

Image: Edith Halpert at the DowntownGallery surrounded by some of her artists, (Photograph for Life magazine, 1952. Photograph © Estate of Louise Faurer)

"Imagine that one woman could do so much to aid in immortalizing the careers of American modernists from StuartDavis, JacobLawrence and GeorgiaOKeeffe to many others."

EdithHalpert (1900-1970) opened her now legendary space, the Downtown Gallery, in 1926. It was the first commercial art exhibit space in NYC’s GreenwichVillage and Halpert was the first significant gallerist to pave the wave for other women leaders in the art field. (Source: https://thenawa.org/january-2020-newsletter/)

Following Julie's series on pottery and china ware....Andrew from the Hunter Valley has sent in images of two plates created by Australian artist Bob Marchant. This is just a teaser because soon we will look at the works of Bob Marchant in more detail.

And we conclude today with a photo that reminds us of the breadth of creative skills and the depth of talent in the young. Please meet Lochie who is a violin maker. The image was sent in by our subscriber M of Melbourne who is so very proud of Lochie and his work.

Lochie - violin maker

Post Script

If you read yesterday's post and saw the quote with the query - who said this?

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

I'm sure you all googled it and found out to your surprise -- these words have been attributed to one of the greatest minds the world has ever known, the Italian polymath - Leonardo da Vinci!!! And these words were said over five hundred years ago!!!!

1. alexchinneck.com/