John Hoppner: Son-in-law of Patience Wright

John Hoppner Self Portrait (Credit: Wikipedia)

I haven't finished the story of Patience Lovell Wright and her dynasty of artists. Not only was her son Joseph Wright a famous artist, her daughter Phoebe Wright married the English artist John Hoppner.

John Hoppner RA (1758–1810) was an English portrait painter who achieved fame as a brilliant colourist. Hoppner was much influenced by Sir Joshua Reynolds. If you are interested in portrait painting please take the time to look at some of this video. I do apologise as it is a little long so you can decide how much time you would like to spend on these delightful paintings. Hoppner is most famous for his portraits of women and children.

John and Phoebe Hoppner and Phoebe had five children, although little is known about the youngest:

  • Catherine Hampden Hoppner (1784–1828), Magistrate, East India Company
  • Richard Belgrave Hoppner (1786–1872), British Consul general, Venice,
  • Wilson (sometimes known as William) Lascelles Hoppner (1788-?), artist
  • Henry Parkyns Hoppner (1795–1833), officer of the Royal Navy, Arctic explorer, draftsman/artist
  • youngest unknown Hoppner
Girl with Rabbit 1800 by John Hoppner (Credit: Howling Pixel)