Jane and Anne's Tour of Northern Victoria and SouthWest New South Wales

Yesterday we set off on a little trip up through northern Victoria to Mildura and then across the south west of New South Wales to Broken Hill. On the return trip we are coming home via Mungo National Park (east of Wentworth) back through Mildra, Ouyen to Horsham, Ballarat and arriving in Melbourne on 13 May.

Map showing our route from Melbourne to Broken Hill (1)

First stop was Bendigo in Central Victoria where Anne was born and raised as a fourth generation Australian. Her great great grandfather and his family were hired as Bounty Immigrants to come to Australia in 1841 as part of building the fledgling settlement growing around Port Phillip Bay where Melbourne now is located. When gold was discovered in Central Victoria they moved to Bendigo seeking to make their fortune.

Bendigo- home to trams and much, much more (2)

And now please follow the bookmark link below to learn how a young man from Melbourne in Derbyshire came to Australia and became involved in supporting the Bendigo Diggers.

William Dexter from Melbourne Derbyshire stands with the Bendigo Diggers
What binds Melbourne Victoria Australia with Melbourne England? Read this post to discover some known links plus the remarkable story of English artist William Dexter. Image: Red Ribbon Banner designed by William Dexter (eurekapedia.org)

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