Image Challenge: Dockland Developments

Who doesn't love Dockland Developments happening all over the world. These beautiful buildings which once were warehouses are now being used for fine dining and other such socially energising activities.

Here is my interpretation of what such a development might look like.

Dockland Developments by Anne Newman

And where is the challenge in this image you might ask? The challenge was for the artist (me!) to get the perspective just right! And the interior lighting in the upstairs restaurant and light from the lamp against the shadows from the setting sun certainly extended my skills. And as for painting all those bricks....!!

The painting was created on a box canvas (w126cm x h106cm) and finished with a plain box frame. Oil paints were used though the underpainting was done in acrylic with Matisse Structure applied to create the texture on the wall of the building on the right.

I'm using the post of this painting as an entry to exploring one of the most famous Dockland Developments in the world - Canary Wharf in London. And yes, the development has made sure art works are front and centre! See you tomorrow in London.

Late Mail

And I hope Bruce in Texas likes docklands as he has just joined the AnArt4Life online community. Welcome aboard Bruce we are delighted that you have joined us.