Ian Berry - Art using Denim

Well, there is just no easy way to explain this!…………….. you are going to have to see it for yourself!

Yes, they are all made with denim! Born in 1984, Ian Berry is a British born artist based in Poplar, East London, who creates artwork using just denim - jeans, jackets, and anything else he can find!

He collects pre-worn denim of every shade under the sun and uses it to create the shading and depth in his portraits, landscapes and other unique works. With just his hands, scissors and glue, he creates almost three dimensional works - not only paintings, but art installations. His installations may be in a gallery, but as often as not, they are in places where he wants to make a social statement or a place related to his theme.

So let us listen to Ian explaining his craft further …………(5.49 minutes)

And now that you have some appreciation of the time and meticulous detail that goes into Ian’s art, have a browse through some of his works on his website:

For 'paintings', click here.

For art installations, click here.

Isn’t it just incredible? It is no wonder that Ian is now a well known name in the art world, exhibiting across the world and winning many prestigious awards.

I particularly like the perfection of the many record covers he has produced. Do you have a favourite art work?


With thanks to ianberry.org