How to paint rocks

It's not easy to paint rocks so mostly I avoid them though I have had a go in two of my paintings - as shown in the close ups below.

Anne Newman: Slice from The Macedonian Shepherd
Anne Newman: Slice from Mountain Hideaway

The master of painting rocks is Brushman of the Bush artist John Pickup who shows us how it is done.

Of course John Pickup is not only the master of painting rocky ground but is also the master of the sky and clouds.

John Pickup: RFDS KingAir (1)

And using a different style but equally as impressive are the piles of rocks that embellish two paintings created by Sydney artist Kevin McKay.2

Very soon we are going to bring you a series of posts on Broken Hill painter Hugh Schulz - member of the Brushmen of the Bush group. Hugh Schulz's great love were rock formations as found in the outback and also eagles. Coming up soon.

To conclude today - perhaps you would you like to have a go at learning how to paint rocks or improve on your established technique? Let Scottish artist Lu Smith show you how.

And tomorrow we are not looking down but up - up into the sky where you might just see a space rock!!

1. Images displayed with the permission of John Pickup
2. Images displayed with the permission of Kevin McKay (