Studying clowns and facial features made me start thinking about Heads and how important they are to the human being!!

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The young Mao Zedong statue in Orange Isle, Changsha, Hunan, ChinMao is remarkable.

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The hero image today is from the Science Museum Collection (UK) showing some of the miniature heads used for Phrenology. The heads are housed in a wooden case which contains 60 small phrenological heads made by William Bally (Manchester or Dublin) in 1831.  © The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum

Credit: The Global Egyptian Museum

The head is modeled in the Amarna style and is emerging from an open lotus flower. The base is painted blue to represent the water in which the flower grows. *It is a powerful symbol because the lotus flower closes its petals at dusk and opens them again at dawn, facing east to greet the rising sun. Thus, the emerging lotus is the symbol of the sun, which is regenerated each morning after its nightly journey to the regions of the underworld. This beautiful sculpture was placed in the tomb to wish the sovereign eternal life. (globalegyptianmuseum.org)