Happy Easter Day!

Today is Easter Sunday and the Blog team wish all our readers a very happy day.

The following story of Easter comes from one of the Blog Team, John “Rowdy” Wylie. It epitomises the meaning of Easter - bringing hope, and joy to others by working together in a shared commitment, in a uniquely Australian way!

John tells the story:

“Years ago, I was managing a job creation scheme specifically for the local NESB (Non-English Speaking Background) unemployed / disadvantaged people……..many of them from Chile & El Salvador. It was based in Port Adelaide (Australia) with the Uniting Church Mission.

We worked collaboratively with “Haigh’s Chocolate Company” in Adelaide & established a chocolate business / factory in the “Port”…… promoting the “Easter Bilby.”

The Bilby is a small, native Australian animal, somewhat like the Easter Bunny!

The production of the chocolate Bilby was very successful & we had sales all over Australia. Importantly, 15 people gained meaningful employment in the shared venture…. So Easter to me…. is this wonderful generous group of people from South America & of course the “Bilby”…. !

Happy Easter!