Food Art

Posting an image of what you are going to eat is not new! All that has changed is the way we communicate this important part of our lives. Below is a Still Life of food painted by Jacopo da Empoli (1551– 1640) an Italian Florentine Reformist painter: born as Jacopo Chimenti (Empoli was the birthplace of his father).  Here are two of Jacopo's images he posted for the world to enjoy. All created with a paintbrush and paints 400 years ago!  

(Credit: Wikipedia)

(Credit: Delicious Italy)


(Credit: Teen Vogue)

(Credit: Vox)

Chocolat is also a favourite.  



And who could forget Meryl Streep as Julia Child in Julie and Julia.

(Credit: The Guardian)

Advent 8 December

(Credit: LCpandahall)