Escape the New Year in Outer Space

North American and Pelican nebulae mosaic
Photo by Aldebaran S / Unsplash

Several subscribers emailed me to say that they didn't want to escape the new year in the Amazon Rainforest as it is too hot and humid and full of insects that bite!! So today - hop aboard the Hubble Space Telescope and escape into Outer Space. Definitely no heat or insects that bite there!

In April 1990 the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope propelled us into the Golden Age of Astronomy and brought us closer than ever to answering the most perplexing questions – what are the origins of the universe? And are there other worlds like our own, rich with life?

The Hubble Space Telescope has led an army of new high-tech telescopes that is peering deep into the universe, returning data that scientists are using to explain how galaxys took shape and how the universe set the stage for life.

This visual feast of a documentary brings the most cutting-edge findings of modern astronomy to life with state-of-the-art animation, informed by supercomputer simulations of cosmic events. Marvel at the formation of a super-massive black hole 350 million lightyears away; admire the stunning beauty of the Orion nebula; and discover what the stars tell us about our place in the stretch of time and space.

The Age of Hubble is gripping, high-end space programming at its best and essential viewing for space enthusiasts of all ages. It is 50 minutes long but if you have time you will be astounded with the imagery and you can always select the parts that interest you.