Do you know how to enrich your knowledge of art with our "TagCloud"

Here on the AnARt4Life blog we have embraced the outerspace in that we have direct contact with the cloud where, as we all know, everything is stored Or not!! I refer to the icloud which is now embraced by so many aspects of our daily lives many of which we will never know about.

But nothing can be stored in the cloud without a tag because how else would you find it when you want this piece of information. So each of our daily posts has at least one tag (and sometimes several) which categorises the content into a subject matter heading.

And then the very clever AnArt4Life Interwebs Wizard, who goes by the name of Matt Cameron from InfluencerTips and member of the AnArt4Life blog team has made us our very own form of a TagCloud which stores away past posts in outerspace - or to be honest our cloud is probably stored in Matt's garden shed!

This is what it looks like - the tagcloud that is.

Tagcloud from AnArt4Life blog 

If you look at the example above you can see the size of the font for the tags varies in size. The more often we have used a tag the larger the font. Our TagCloud is constantly changing as we change the nature of our posts to meet our subscribers interests and consequently the tags associated with these interests.

You can read more about our TagCloud by following the bookmark link below.

Introducing a new feature...... the TagCloud!
Today we take a look at a new search feature that has been added to the blog - the TagCloud! We hope you enjoy revisiting our past posts by clicking on categories that interest you! Image: Anne Newman: web site screen shot

Julie is the TagCloud Wizard and we thank her so much for dloing all the housework associated with keeping our cloud spick and span and in in order. If I was organising it (as those of you who know me very well) our tagcloud really would be in outerspace and in total disarray!!

Thank you Julie - you're a wizard!!

So when youo want an extra art fix for the day - perhaps you don't like the topic we chose for the day - you can go to our tagcloud and choose a post that suits your interests.

And what happens if your special art topic isn't there??? Tell us and if possible we will resesarch and write a post on your special interest.

But, I am sure the uninitiated AnArt4Life blog viewers are asking: This is all very nice but where do I find this TagCloud?

Scroll to the top of this post and you will come to the menu in a green banner. On the right hand side in the menu you will see the logo for the TagCloud as shown below. All you have to do is click on the logo.

And then you will see a wonderful list of past posts written by the AnArt4Life blog team. Team member John Pickup always says the offerings remind him of being in a newsagency and seeing all the magazine covers just waiting to be chosen and opened up.

Click on the post which appeals and away you go into the world of art.

Here is the first row of posts that appears if you click on the tag Photography.

And I can highly recommend these three posts -

Jobs that no longer exist today! A recent post by Julie which took all of us back in time. A wonderful read.

Chris O'Brien captures more than an image Chris is one of our subscribers and a brilliant and innovative photographer from New York. You will love his work.

Revisiting the sea with Ed Obermeyer Ed is also one of our subscribers - a photographer and painter especially of the sea - you will be amazed.

If you have any trouble at all please email me at [email protected]. We are only too happy to help you enjoy your own art journey.