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Anne recently showcased the art of some contemporary artists with the subject of 'shearers and tin sheds', (click here). Many artists are fascinated with the colours, lines and past stories of tin sheds, often so evident in their age and state of decay.

Here is another aspect of sheds, by a photographer named David Trood. He is focussing on just one tin shed in various lights, just outside Silverton in NSW, close to the South Australian border.1 You can just make out the word "hotel" on its roof! What stories it would be able to tell of it's past life, I'm sure! I also particualrly like the chosen accompaniment of the night sounds and aboriginal music......

David Trood is a prize-winning travel and commercial photographer who pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling with his passionate narrative of people and nature.2

He is a Hasselblad Master (a competition winner, see footnotes below) and, for almost three decades, David has successfully completed thousands of editorial, corporate, and commercial assignments in over 40 countries with companies like National Geographic, BBC, Lonely Planet and Time using his images.2

David was born in Queensland and is now based in both Australia and Denmark. He takes up freelance still and video assignments all over the world.2

In this video, below, David explains what attracts him to working in extreme conditions with “Animals and Nature”:3

And so we leave you to ponder and savour some of David’s iconic photographs of our beautiful earth 4……

Photo – David Trood Photography

....... and some of his iconic videos.....

Video – David Trood Photography


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A Hasselblad Master: The Hasselblad Masters is biennial, and one of the world’s most prestigious, professional photographic competitions, giving acclaimed professionals, as well as aspiring newcomers, the chance to make their mark in the world of photography.

Every Hasselblad Masters winner earns the title of ‘Hasselblad Master’. In addition, they receive a brand new Hasselblad medium format camera and are invited to shoot for a collaborative project with Hasselblad. This project is then printed and released in the biennial Hasselblad Masters book.