Dale Chihuly: for inside your house

Dale Chihuly Glass (Photo by A Newman)

I was fortunate to not only see the outside exhibition of Dale Chihuly Glass Sculptures at Kew Gardens but to take in his Interior Pieces which are just as spectacular as his larger pieces. These flowers are the largest inside pieces and adorn the entrance to the exhibition in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art as at Kew Gardens.

Dale Chihuly Glass (Photo by A Newman)

The Dale Chihuly exhibition Reflections of Nature allows the viewer to appreciate Chihuly’s oeuvre and how he works on a number of different scales.

One room here is filled with a few of the 1,000 or so pieces that Chihuly and his team made for over a year when he started on his Persians series of characterful asymmetrical flowers with undulating patterns. Another features his Rotolo sculptures – deceptively weighty swirls of glass that twist skywards – that apparently require 17 team members to work in unison for hours on end to make one. It’s still glass, but not as you have ever seen it before. (wallpaper.com)

Here is a little of what I viewed.

In amongst the glass pieces are drawings and sketches for possible works.

An awe-inspiring experience!