Creativity Abounds in Times of Isolation

I was asked the other day to name a painting that best illustrates this Time of Isolation. What came to my mind wasn't a painting but an artist - Edward Hopper. The paintings by American Edward Hopper (1882-1967) are in my opinion beautiful and thought provoking; but they do often have a sense of melancholy and pathos about them especially as many of his creations feature a distance between the figures or a lone figure.

Sunlight in a Cafeteria 1958 (

As pointed out on Twitter this week, we are all in an Edward Hopper painting. This theme has been taken up by Alexandra Chaves in an interesting article which I have given a link to below.

‘We are all Edward Hopper paintings now’: why the art of loneliness can be comforting in times like these
The American painter didn’t seek to compound the isolation we can all feel, he simply wanted to recognise it

One thing is certain throughout this period of 2020 in our lives. Nothing can destroy the human spirit, nothing can destroy creativity and as ironical as it is, nothing can destroy humour. Several people sent this video to me (Quarantine through Art) and I was so impressed I wanted to share it.

I think this is just brilliant,... says it all, through art!

Posted by Clodagh Holahan on Friday, April 17, 2020

I then went searching on the lovely internet and found this wonderful video on a Quarantine Art Challenge proving that Creativity Begins at Home.

And so I'm challenging you to send in an image of a painting, sculpture, photograph that represents how you are feeling at the moment or perhaps want to feel during this moment in time.

Or maybe you have started a new project to learn Swahili or read all those books that have been sitting on your shelves unopened for years. And with this in mind take a snapshot to illustrate what you are doing and please send it in to us and we will make a collage of This Moment in Time.