Mail from Kent & Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere

I need to thank Chris of Kent (twitter handle: @gibsonc85) and Paul of Kent (twitter handle @pwadey) who encouraged me this week to watch a BBC production Constable: A Country Rebel. The program is presented by Alastair Sooke who looks at how John Constable's (1776-1837) work was considered groundbreaking in its time. Alastair Sooke delivers a fascinating insight into the painting style of this brilliant English artist. Here are a few images from the BBB video to whet your appetite. We are all familiar with these typical country scenes.

But this artist's impression shows how a Constable painting would have appeared alongside other paintings of the time.

Alastair Sooke teaches us much about Constable's style especially his expert brush stokes.

And brilliant mastery of the sky and clouds.

Here is the link to the YouTube version of the video which I highly recommend you watch if it is cold and wet in London, freezing cold in New York, too hot to go out in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia or you just want to put off doing the housework! Constable: A Country Rebel

Here is a delightful painting of Preparation for Christmas by Sergy Vasilievich Dosekin.

(Credit: 1st Art Gallery)

This painting by Stefan Baumann is titled Christmas in Yosemite.

(Credit: Stefan Baumann)

And finally for today Christmas Evening by Thomas Kinkade.

(Credit: Painting and Frame)

Advent 21 December