Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger

The year of the tiger (1)

To all my Chinese friends and family- a Happy New Year and wishing you great happiness and prosperity.

It is the Chinese Year of the Tiger - that magnificent creature as captured (below) by Zhang Shanz (1882-1940).

Painted by Zhang Shanzi (張善孖, 1882-1940) (2)

The Tiger, the third sign of the Chinese zodiac, is thought of as the ruler of beasts on Earth, in contrast to the Dragon, which is ruler of the beasts of the sky. Those born in the year of the Tiger (1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986 1998 or 2010) are courageous and optimistic, tolerant, humanistic and generous. They are independent, can expect a long life and were born to command not obey.1

Painted by Liu Jiyou (劉繼卣, 1918-1983) (2)

Chinese paintings depicting a Tiger are often hung on a wall inside of a building, facing the entrance. This arrangement makes it so "demons" are scared away and can not enter. Feng Shui practitioners often like to use the ch'i of the Tiger in this form. In ancient China, the Tiger was the principle animal god and was known as the Guardian Spirit of Agriculture, which was believed to devour the Drought Demon.1

Painted by Gao Qifeng (高奇峰, 1888-1933) (2)

Chinese New Year 2022 falls on Tuesday, 1 February 2022, and celebrations culminate with the Lantern Festival on 15 February.

Below is a wonderful painting of the Lantern Festival celebration during ancient times by Zheng Mukang (1901-1982).

A painting of the Lantern Festival celebration during ancient times by Zheng Mukang. (Photo/artron.net) (1)

And below Qin Xuanfu (1906-1998) captures the vibrancy of the occasion in his painting of the Sichuan Dragon lantern dance.

A painting of the Sichuan Dragon lantern dance by Qin Xuanfu. (Photo/artron.net) (1)

Follow this link to learn more about Chinese New Year.

And to conclude - if you are interested in Chinese Brush Painting watch Heny Li create a Roaring Tiger.

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