Celebrating the Beauty of Earth

(Credit: SmashingApps.com)

What has Space Exploration given us?

Memory Foam, Baby Formula, the dustbuster, space blankets, freeze drying to name just a few products that have been developed or improved as a result of information gained through space exploration.

But in my opinion the greatest gift space exploration has given us is an appreciation of the beauty of our planet. Up close Earth's changing landscapes are magnificent- each with its own beauty- from the seas to the deserts, to the forests and mountains. Each scape has its own appeal, its own exquisite beauty.

(Credit: nitzus)

And then we get into an aeroplane and the changing landscape looks so different- like a tapesty of patterns, colours, textures.

(Credit: Masterfile)

And from out in space- the beauty defies description. This is no ordinary video of Earth. The images you will see of our sublime little planet are spectacular.

Tomorrow, thanks to Jane's travels to Peru- not into Outer Space- we will learn about some strange geoglyphs which from every angle look quite amazing,