Celebrate Passover with Irma Stern

“Searching, I roamed the world—to arrive at the origin—at beauty—at truth—away from the lies of everyday—and my longing was burning hot—then the darkness opened up and I stood at the source of the Beginning—Paradise.” (Irma Stern’s Private Journal, 1919–1924).1

Irma Stern (1894 – 1966) was a major South African artist who achieved national and international recognition in her lifetime. She was born in Schweizer-Reneke, a small town in the Transvaal, of German-Jewish parents. Her father was interned in a concentration camp by the British during the South African War because of his pro-Boer leanings. Irma and her younger brother, Rudi, were thus taken to Cape Town by their mother. After the war, the family returned to Germany... 3

Irma Stern travelled extensively in Europe and South Africa, Zanzibar and the Congo region during her lifetime. These trips provided a wide range of subject matter for her paintings and gave her opportunities to acquire and assemble a collection of artifacts. 3

For Irma Stern, one of South Africa’s most outstanding artists, Africa was her “Paradise,” the intellectual and emotional mainspring of her artistic creativity. She occupies a unique place in the history of modern South African art and her works are to be found in many galleries and public collections in South Africa and abroad. She was essentially a product of two worlds. Although born in South Africa, her background, education and culture were European. However it was Africa that provided the inspiration and canvas for her art. 1

Irma Stern died in Rondebosch, one of the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa in 1966.

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Irma Stern was a remarkably prolific artist, holding more than a hundred solo exhibitions. It took time for Stern’s espousal of modernism, color, and rhythm to find acceptance in the conservative art world of South Africa. After her death, the Irma Stern Museum, administered by the University of Cap…

Wishing all my Jewish family and friends a happy and safe Passover.

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