Can Art Be Seen As Therapy?

Today I am challenging us all to think about this very important issue.

It may seem an unusual question and a novel idea, but in fact Art Therapy dates back to the 1940’s and is a form of psychotherapy using painting, music, literature and other mediums to express oneself and work through challenging problems. On picking up the Jones magazine published by David Jones I found a fascinating article on this very subject, which I have outlined below.

Credit: pcdateam.otg

Museum and gallery visits are associated with reduced anxiety. Even reading, as any bookworm will know, might make you happier because of the way reading activates your mirror neurones - ie increased empathy is linked to a great sense of happiness.

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However we are not as progressive as Canada. In the meantime we can continue to enjoy Anne’s daily blog – and know it’s a form of art therapy too.