Bring in the New Year by escaping to the Amazon Rainforest

As we tentatively step into the New Year we are probably all thinking - What will 2022 bring?

We can only hope and pray that it will be a much better year than the last two years have been, which have curtailed our lives in so many ways.

For those of you who yearn to escape even virtually, the videos produced by Jan Tuijp offer many exotic places to explore. Check out his website by clicking here.

I highly recommend that you watch the beautiful scenery, sunsets and real life of the Amazon rainforest in the following video. You won’t be disappointed. It is 25 minutes long but well worth sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a totally different and amazing world.

Jan Tuijp introduces the video thus:

We, my wife and me - as a retired photographer - travel around the world for already 12 years. We started our visit to the Amazone Rainforest in Manaus (BRAZIL), where we admired the famous "Teatro Amazon".

Thereafter we boarded for a 4 day river cruise at the m/v "Desafio" and sailed up the "Rio Negro" into the Amazon Rainforest where we enjoyed the pristine nature, the jungle, mangrove woods, incredible sunsets, rare pink dolphins, the mighty pirarucu fish, monkeys, anacondas, caymans. Also we visited a remote and rather isolated village where Indians live.

For social media users you will find more photos and videos by Jan Tuijp if you visit:

Go gently into the New Year. We thank you all for your wonderful on-going support of the AnArt4Life blog and look forward to bringing you a daily dose of "the art that is all around us". A safe and healthy New Year to all.