Art News Picks

Occasionally we are going to let you choose what you would like to read about and which images you will study.

If you would like to know more about a stolen Gustav Klimt masterpiece

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Can you guess which subject from a famous painting has his or her own mail box?

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Are you an artist? Read "New Year’s Resolutions for Artists" by Lee Hammond from ArtistsNetwork

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Matilda Jenkins from Bluethumb brings you "10 of the best emerging Australian abstract artists of 2019"

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Cynthia Garcia writes on "The Landscape of Art in Brazil: SP-Arte 2019 and Beyond"

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When we have an Art News Picks blog we will accompany the offerings with a work of art depicting The News.

Today's image is

News of Gandhiji’s Death 1948

by Krishen Khanna

Oil on canvas; 83,8 × 83,8 cm

Collection of Rathika Chopra & Rajan Anandan, New Delhi, India

The Death of Gandhiji (

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