Adelaide: Day Three

But what most of us crave for after a long day in the saddle is a glass of chilled wine from the Barossa Valley - a short drive north from Adelaide.

The three major towns of the Barossa all have distinctive personalities. Tanunda is generally recognised as the most German of the three, with long-standing traditions dating back to the 1840s when the first German settlers arrived in the area. Since many of the German settlers came from Prussian Silesia, they called the Barossa Neu-Schlesien, or "New Silesia".The German influence survives to this day (see Barossa German). Angaston, in contrast, is considered the English town as it was settled predominantly by Cornish miners and others from Britain. The third (and largest) town, Nuriootpa, was influenced by both the German and British settlers, and today is the commercial hub of the Barossa and it is where most of the larger stores are located. (Wikipedia)

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